Bridal Gowns

Beaming, Blushing, Beautiful – the perfect gown begins and ends at Enchantment Bridal & Formal Gowns.

Available in sizes 0-28w.

Bridesmaid Gowns

Enchantment Bridal & Formal Gowns will help you choose dresses that will look fabulous on your bridesmaids. We understand times are changing and not every bride wants her bridesmaids to wear a dress that they will wear only once. It is possible for you to choose different gowns for your bridesmaids that are a similar enough style to your dress, but also are guaranteed to suit a range of body types and tastes.

Available in sizes 0-30w.

Mother of the Bride/Groom Gowns

Enchantment Bridal & Formal Gowns  features lovely gowns perfect for any mother or grandmother. Wedding wear that can be worn again for every special occasion. We will help choose a style and color that is best for you.

Available in sizes 4-26w.

Flower Girl Dresses

Adorable little girl dresses in different sizes and colours.

Enchantment Bridal & Formal Gowns  will help you explore your options and bring out the flower girl princess with everything you need including accessories.  Add unforgettable charm and fond memories to your wedding day with the magic that only a little girl has.

Prom & Grad

Top designers of Prom and Grad available at Enchantment Bridal and Formal Gowns. From simple and timeless to trendy and fashion forward.

We have a wide variety of prom & grad dresses which are simple & stylish, to trendy and fashion forward. With the knowledge of the most up to date dresses, Enchantment Bridal & Formal Gowns are here to help you find your perfect gown.

We offer accessories including veils, headpieces and jewellery.

One of the most experienced seamstresses in Chatham-Kent will be available to you to ensure the “perfect fit on your perfect day”.